Twinkly Pro RGB Christmas Lighting is the newest & most innovative of all the products available to you. As a result, your clients can create scenes they once only dreamed of.

Twinkly Pro by American Lighting provides best-in-class hardware melded with proprietary software providing complete control over your display of lights.

Twinkly Pro has transformed RGB Christmas lighting use and installation. Besides, it is easy to use; Twinkly Pro has a broad color spectrum and has the most powerful app available.

There are no other Holiday lights that provide the vast array of features that Twinkly has to offer.  Providing provide high-tech options such as:

  • Mappable LED Pixels: Design and implement any shape, animation, or effect with precision. 
  • Expression, Creation & Visualization Ability to choose, adjust, and mix different patterns and colors for unique compositions.
  • Plots from Any Height or Direction Combines various views of a user’s decoration to control lights as a group. 
  • Cloud Console Allows for remote control of one or more installations from any location.
  • Complete Entertainment Round out the experience and sync with any music.

The “Map Your Display” found on Twinkly Pro eliminates the tediousness and difficulty of creating advanced animation sequences.

 Programmable Lighting Displays:

This holiday season, help residential, commercial, and municipal clients brighten the season American Lighting’s Twinkly Pro Christmas lighting products.

Programmable lighting displays attract people from far distances.

Christmas is the perfect time when people gather outside for holiday activities. 

Twinkly Pro Lighting puts you in control of how you highlight your property.

Twinkly Pro enables your client to produce unique installations of lighting designs without the fuss of complicated mapping and programming. 

Twinkly Pro includes automatic lighting mapping, addressable LEDs, cloud management, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet connectivity.

“MDA is very excited about the large number of opportunities that are available for the Twinkly Pro products. The design possibilities are endless, and the only limit is imagination.  

Call us today and be selling Twinkly Pro tomorrow!