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Introducing The Homestead Collection by KICHLER

This collection is a dreamy mix of romance and rustic, the Homestead Collection was inspired by the Cottagecore style and created to shine a light on old-world beauty.

An element of simpler living combined with inspiration from the nature that surrounds us, Homestead breathes life into any space.

Homestead KICHLER

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Picture yourself in a sun-faded cabin, homemade curtains blowing in the wind. Antiques and plants line light wooden shelves while floral-patterned wallpaper sits behind
an old sewing machine. This is Cottagecore.

Beloved for its feeling of escape, Cottagecore is equal parts rural lifestyle and Edwardian romance. Incorporating the ideas of sustainability and comfort.,

Cottagecore is reminiscent of a time where baking, sewing, gardening, and providing for ourselves and our community.

To bring the Cottagecore look to life in your home, you should strive to combine the old and the new.
The simple with flourishes of the romantic.

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