The question: How can we heat our outdoor space, pool area, bar?

Is answered by the Innova HEATING Co.

Your clients invest in their outdoor experiences. They want to use & enjoy their patio furniture, BBQ grills, all year round no matter the weather. 

Innova Heating Co. offers infrared heaters that produce a clean, safe ray of light that only warms the objects and not the air around them. Creating the instant feeling of warmth. The heat produced by infrared is evenly distributed, without interference from surrounding elements such as drafty or windy conditions.

Call MDA Lites when you want to heat your outdoor spaces effectively.

Find out more about INNOVA Heating Co. in the brochures and pamphlets below. below

innova heater co MDA Lites chicago
innova heater co MDA Lites chicago

James Ashley Presents INNOVA Heating Co. product introduction