Variable Lumen Output is the Key to Your Landscape Lighting Designs Success.

Landscape lighting provides functional and aesthetic benefits to residential and commercial properties while bolstering margin-boosting sales.  MDA Lites can help you achieve success in the landscape lighting category.

MDA Lites understands the significance that lighting has on nighttime curb appeal. When designing any outdoor space, the goal is to create a warm, inviting, adequately illuminated area.
Well-placed lighting along pathways, steps, and against facades adds to a stunning, distinctive design and improves a property’s security.

Why Opt for KICHLER Lighting?

KICHLER Lighting is the premier manufacturer of landscape lighting fixtures and accessories: Delivering a blend of products containing options, such as path lights, deck lights, accent lights, and more. This vast assortment of fixtures ensures the proper light that perfectly matches the needs of the space and aligns with the preferred aesthetic preferences.

KICHLER has revolutionized landscape lighting design and installation with the introduction of VLO, Variable Lumen Output technology.  It is no wonder why VLO is called the “One light that changes everything.”

What is VARIABLE LUMEN OUTPUT (VLO) landscape lighting,

and why is it the fixture you need?

VLO Technology allows an easy switch between three-lumen outputs without mechanically adjusting the settings on the fixture. VLO reduces failure risks or long-term reliability concerns associated with difficult mechanical adjustments.

You must consider the projected Lumen output when doing a landscape lighting layout. The lumen output is critical to getting the correct design. Varying the lumen output is helpful as the trees, foliage, and other landscaping plants grow or the end-users lighting needs change with the seasons.

In the past, the way we would control the light generated in a landscape lighting fixture was to swap out various lamps (bulbs) to achieve the correct appearance. The VLO has changed all that.

Offering both a large and a small accent light in the VLO series; the small 12V LED VLO will provide 100, 200 and 300 lumens based on the selected setting that will best light the intended space; the large 12V LED VLO pumps it up to 400-600 and a whopping 835 lumens


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Another attribute to be considered is FLEXIBILITY. The ability to adjust the light levels means you can make the light fit the mood you want to create in seconds. Using various light levels in the landscape creates depth and drama from the contrasts of light and dark, also known as Chiaroscuro lighting. Both the large and small VLO are available in 2700k and 3000k and provide the same light levels.

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To get this great effect could only be done with the use of dimmers, but the dimmer would reduce the light output on all the lights on the circuit.

The KICHLER VLO’s three adjustments permit the light levels to be selected by individual fixture placement, not all the lights in the run. This is really painting with light.

As plantings grow and you need more impact, simply make the adjustment.

The Finest Intergrated LED Technology

Using state of the art engineering, the KICHLER VLO has 6000-volt surge protection, and superb optics for clean edges with no halos or scalloping.

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Making Adjustments Is as Easy As 1-2-3

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This is a nice feature when a tree or shrub silhouette is shadowed against the side of a home, a wonderful and attractive design. But a good landscape lighting design takes the complete space into consideration, and so does the KICHLER VLO.

The VLO is available in four (4) colors so that the fixture will disappear into the surroundings with the goal of only seeing the light’s effect and not the light source.

The most popular color selections are available: Textured Architectural Bronze, Black, Centennial Brass and White.

The AZT, BKT and WHT are made of cast aluminum bodies while the CBR is made of cast brass. This type of base material assures long life of the housing to support the 15-year limited warranty and the 50,000-hour operating life of the LED.

We invite you to contact us today to discover how we can help you increase your landscape lighting sales with KICHLER Lighting and MDA Lites, your trusted partners in landscape lighting. For more information on the VLO from KICHLER


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