KICHLER Landscape Transformer MDA Lites Chicago


The external antenna allows for long-range connectivity and control by extending the signal range from the transformer enclosure, providing strong performance in more applications. See more here.

KICHLER Smart Controller

Compact and easy to install, the Smart Control Timer works with the Kichler Connects™ app so you can digitally control your landscape lights from your smartphone, tablet, or voice controlled home device (Amazon® Alexa® and Google Home™.)  See more here.

Kichler landscape lighting New York New Jersey Estrin Zirkman

The 2021 KICHLER Landscape Lighting catalog has been optimized based on the feedback we received from you and our customers including:

  • More educational content to help contractors and sales associates expand their landscape lighting knowledge, be a resource to walk customers through, understand the differences between product tiers, as well as learn best practices and lighting techniques.
  • Additional Product Specifications to provide customers the information needed to design a layout, specify an SKU for a project, and select the best product for the application.
  • Expanded Outdoor Fan and Decorative Section for those who create outdoor environments such as decks, patios, kitchens, and other outdoor spaces we have provided a larger sampling of our top Outdoor Decorative products showcasing a complete Kichler Lighting solution all in one catalog.

Two LED Game Changers! 

KICHLER Lighting has just introduced these two game-changers. The selection of high-quality LED lamps for contractors is simplified and Integrated LED Surface Mounted Step Lights. YES, Surface-mounted! Download your informational sheets by clicking on the image.

Kichler LED 12 lamps
Estrin Zirkman Surface mount LED Step Lights KICHLER